“Channel 5’s best drama yet”

BBC Radio 5 Live

Nina Toussaint-White (Bodyguard, The Sister) stars as Jodie, a single mum who becomes the target of a terrifying campaign of witness intimidation by a street gang. Will she back down, or fight for what’s right? As the pressure builds on Jodie, her family’s safety becomes increasingly precarious. Jodie’s mother Cathy, played by Sue Johnston (Downton Abbey, The Royale Family, Waking the Dead), continues to support her daughter even after the gang turns their attention to her. 

Sion Daniel Young (Deceit, Keeping Faith) and Clare Dunne (Kin) star as officers involved in the case.

Directed by Diarmuid Goggins (Kin, Silent Witness, Bulletproof), Witness Number 3 is a taut, psychological thriller that asks the viewer: How far would you go to do the right thing?

Praise for Witness Number 3

“Its star, Nina Toussaint-White, runs away with the project in the eponymous lead role, a salon-owner who becomes ‘Witness Number Three’ for a murder case… Toussaint-White deftly portrays that growing paranoia, her face barely moving as we watch the inner-debate (Is this just an interested customer, or a gang member pushing for details?) play out before us in her eyes” ★★★★

Radio Times

“New writer Thomas Eccleshare does a fine job of building up the tension… a welcome break from dramas about middle-class women with expensive kitchens and a Chablis habit”


Witness Number 3 (Channel 5) captures and distils the atmosphere of constant fear pervading the country… Nina Toussaint-White is outstanding as Jodie, a young mother who starts by thinking smugly that she’s doing the right and virtuous thing, and is soon overwhelmed by terror… Writer Thomas Eccleshare’s script evokes that sensation of fear piling up in layers, the feeling that however bad things get, there’s always the potential for them to become worse” ★★★★

Daily Mail