When a skydiver somehow survives the failure of both her parachutes, two dogged detectives uncover a story of affairs, debt, sex clubs, escorts and murderous intent.

Lets not beat around the bush: The Fall is one of the most engrossing documentaries I’ve ever seen. This feels like a bar-raiser; a fresh approach to documentary film-making that not only swerves away from cliches but has unexpected emotional intelligence too…..I can say that The Fall is the most potent and moving on-screen depiction of the damage wrought by psychopathic narcissism and coercive control that I’ve ever seen. It will stay with me for ever.

Daily Mail

The best dramatisations both grip and inform us. On the other hand, a documentary that relies solely on interviews with retired detectives and audio clips from police interviews can make the most shocking case seem workaday and mundane. Guy King, director of The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot, takes an innovative approach, with overlapping elements of both methods. The result is…nothing less than absorbing.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

By now, we already know the Cilliers’s murder plot very well, but The Fall proves that intrigue is in ‘how’ a story is told as much as ‘what’ happened. In stretching beyond its genre’s reliance on titillating gore, this was more brave – and more disarming – than other programmes in the true crime stable.

Emily Watkins, The i
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