Between London Pride 1984 and 1985 an unlikely alliance was forged between the gay men and lesbians of London and the striking miners of South Wales.

We all love a good love story and this is one of the most unexpected and uplifting love stories ever, not between two people, but between two communities who – seemingly worlds apart – found common cause and compassion for each other in the face of immense challenges. In so doing, they changed the course of history for queer people in the UK.

This feature documentary explores this remarkable tale, made famous by the film Pride ten years ago. Everyone loved the film, but the real story behind the script is much richer and more powerful than you could ever imagine. And the legacy of these events is still felt to this day, 40 years on since the 1984/1985 Miners’ Strike. 

This film is unlike any other documentary about the Miners’ Strike… Among other unique stylistic elements, drag queen Tayce dons her iconic Welsh dragon look to narrate the film, telling this powerful fable to a group of kids in a playful and poignant storytime session, which will bring fresh meaning and relevance to the story through the perspective of this new generation.

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