Channel 4 has announced a Story Films COVID-19 commission, w/t NHS Heroes. Links to the press coverage here:


“N.H.S. Heroes” is an hour-long, self-filmed documentary following a small group of frontline staff in the U.K.’s National Health Service as they record their daily lives battling the virus. The documentary is produced by indie Story Films.



Production company Story Films

Commissioning editor Danny Horan


Doc following a small group of frontline workers over this unprecedented time in our history. This is a film that celebrates bravery, compassion and dedication as we see the truth of what is happening in hospital “red zones”, as staff risk infection, work exhausting shifts – often without being able to get food and essentials for their own families. As most of us are locked-in with our loved ones, many NHS workers have had to move away from vulnerable family members, or simply don’t have time to see them. Keeping us alive has become their priority.


NHS Heroes will follow a small group of frontline staff as they self-film their daily lives battling the virus.  The hour-long film will tell the their stories as well as highlighting the challenges the NHS heroes face every day. It’s produced by Story Films and the commissioning editor is Danny Horan.